What is WanderMind?

WanderMind is the podcast, run by 2 brothers and a friend, that goes over the random, weird, funny, and sometimes serious conversations you think of having. Late night thoughts that make no sense but somehow could make interesting conversations. We get into the normal movie and tv discussions, that'll touch on past, present, and future. We'll get into music discussions as well getting into the odd conversation about science fiction and other random subjects that happen to cross our mind. It's a podcast with no true direction but a place that you can unwind and just listen away to the fun, crazy topics we bring up. Also adding some music reviews and some ranting series' towards the end of season 3, this podcast is all over the place.

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WanderMind Hosts


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Robert is the older of the two brothers and with age comes wisdom. Or something like that. With an upbeat personality, he's ready to entertain no matter what the subject. He has some experience in minor broadcasting, having run a Youtube channel and Twitch channel. Deciding to take the efforts into podcasting, he is well versed in music and sports categories. Always ready for a conversation whether it be silly, serious, or just down right odd. Also having played around with starting a podcast with friends, he decided to make it finally come to life with the idea of whatever comes to mind as the topics. This time around he would include his brother. Other interests of his include, gaming, geography, astronomy, and history. 

Some of his favorites include:

Music - Heavy Metal, Metalcore/Hardcore/Deathcore, Post Hardcore, Hard Rock, Pop, Classic Rock

Sports - Baseball, Basketball, Football, College Sports, Hockey, Golf, Tennis, Rugby

Movies - Inception, Batman franchise, Tropic Thunder, Tommy Boy, Toy Story

T.V. - Seinfeld, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Kitchen Nightmares, Hells Kitchen, Archer, Family Guy, MASH 


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Evan is the younger brother but don't let the youth fool you. He's prepared to outsmart some of the best with his movie knowledge. An artist and aspiring writer and animator, he joined the podcast with the interest of being able to converse on whatever wandered his mind. Some of his favorite movies reside in the horror and animation categories. With a toe in the water towards television he also has some knowledge of music. Also ready to talk about anything, he brings a more relaxed and sensible personality to the podcast. That by no means says he wont throw a rant or two into episodes if you give him the right topic. 

Some of his favorites include:

Movies - The Shining, The Thing, Seven, The Evil Dead franchise, George Romero's Living Dead series, Rear Window, Jaws, The Secret of NIHM, Fantasia, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Lion King, Who Framed Roger Rabbit

T.V. - The Twilight Zone, Looney Tunes (originals), Courage the Cowardly Dog, Fraggle Rock

Music - Symphonic Metal, Gothic Metal, Death Metal, Classic Rock, Film Scores, Classical Music.



Bill is the non-brother, kept locked away in the basement and rarely released. A retired musician with multiple recording contracts in his past, Bill joined the podcast in an effort to educate Rob on the vast world of metal and its multitude of sub-genres. Not one to talk much on movies or television, he will entertain ridiculous conversations on his other passions including D&D and rugby. Where Evan provides a relaxed and sensible personality, Bill will never hesitate to forego the filter and launch into impassioned rants.

Some of his favorites include:


Music - Too many of the sub-genres of metal to list, Industrial, Darkwave, Aggrotech, Hellectro

Movies - Ocean's Eleven (2001), The Ninth Gate, Species, El Dorado

T.V. - Buffy, The X-Files, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Mystery Science Theater 3000

Sports - Rugby (New Zealand All Blacks), collegiate football (Oklahoma Sooners), baseball (Cleveland Indians and Atlanta Braves)